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The Presidents Group - Barbara Hurwit*, Carole Rosen, Edie Broida, Anita Naftaly, Roberta Wiener*, Roz Lewy

*Co-Presidents 2018-2019

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Testimonials from Survivors and our outstanding, supportive, award winning Holocaust instructors

“As part of a grant program from inSIGHT Through Education in 2017, I attended a Centropa Seminar in Budapest, Hungary and Belgrade, Serbia. We researched 20th century history, Holocaust, civil society and the lives of European Jews. I formed partnerships with teachers from all over the world and acquired resources that enriched my curriculum because of this organization’s generosity. My 300 students created a movable museum based on the stories they used on the Centropa website. I am forever grateful to inSIGHT for their commitment and support”

– Belkis Medera, Oak Hammock Middle School Social Studies

Video produced by Fred Singer, inSIGHT’s Media Specialist

I was fortunate to again be considered to accompany a group of teachers to the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Words cannot express the success of this trip. On a personal note as a Survivor, all this would have been impossible without your devotion, hard work, and financial help. You are contributors to history. You most certainly are investing in history. I believe that I as a survivor can speak for those whose voices have been silenced, but thanks to your untiring work, not forgotten, This is my short note of saying “Thank You” to all the members of the inSIGHT group. May the Hashem give you strength to continue with your monumental task so the memory of the Holocaust lives on.

– Norman Frajman, Holocaust survivor

inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.

Belkis Medera and Norman Frajman

inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.

Assembly for over 350 6th and 7th graders.
Holocaust survivors on stage.
Norman Frajman main speaker

As a teacher of Holocaust Studies at Palm Beach Central High School, I have had the opportunity to work with several organizations throughout the years. I can say without any hesitation that inSIGHT Through Education has been and continues to be the most supportive and generous of any other.

inSIGHT provided the funding for my students to spend time each year expanding their knowledge of the Holocaust by sending them to the Museum in Washington, D. C. I have a unique program for students who want to learn more about the Holocaust and the dangers of bullying as well as other genocides past and present. This class would not be possible
without the support and funding of inSIGHT.

– Maureen Holtzer, high school teacher

inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.

Movable display produced by Maureen Holtzer’s high school students of examples of bigotry and prejudice

inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.
inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.

Maureen’s high school students t-shirt design project

inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.
inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.

Maureen's high school students published book on bullying written for elementary students

More than 20 years ago, I started an elective course on the Holocaust with 30 students.

Today, the program has grown to over 170 students in five classes. The curriculum has expanded to include contemporary genocides and encourages students to get involved by having them write to government officials including the U. S. Ambassador of the United Nations.

This teacher education program has become a standard for teaching the history of the Holocaust and educating teachers and students about the significance of the Righteous as moral and ethical exemplars.

Without inSIGHT the teachers of Palm Beach County would not have the materials we need to teach.

– Frances Kennedy, Dwyer High School, Palm Beach Gardens

inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.

2015 recipient of the Robert I. Goldman Award for Excellence in Holocaust Education

inSIGHT Through Education supports the K-12 Holocaust Studies department of the school district. Due to the support the students of Palm Beach County have seen inspirational programs such as The Children of
Willesden Lane and Living Voices. Teachers have been sent to Columbia University to be trained as Lerner Fellows and then on to Europe with the Lerner study program, March of the Living, and the Centropa programs. Our elementary students have the opportunity to learn about the Holocaust through classics such as The Ugly Duckling, The Sneetches, and Hana’s Suitcase. Perhaps one of the most inspirational programs is our annual trip with high school students to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Thanks to inSIGHT Through Education, the lessons of the Holocaust go on and are ever more important for our students.

– Maureen Hallacy Carter
K-12 Holocaust Education Program Planner, Palm Beach County

2018 recipient of the Robert I. Goldman Award for Excellence in Holocaust Education

inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.

  Maureen Holtzer and Maureen Carter accepting the 2018 Naftaly
Excellence in Education Award from Anita Naftaly.

Thank you inSIGHT for doing what you do, to make it possible for me to be a part, and a beneficiary to some degree, of your invaluable work. Because of an interview that inSIGHT conducted and that was posted on  the internet with me, a man named Julius Maslovat spotted it. He had been looking for me for years. We were both orphaned as very young children, most of our immediate families murdered in the Nazi extermination camps in Treblinka and other camps as well. He is in British Columbia, I in Boca Raton, and we are to meet because of inSIGHT. We have so much to share about our parallel lives and to come together to recount our years past.

Thank you for what you do, for making this special “encounter” possible.
Both Julius and I will be forever indebted to you.

– Frieda Jaffe, Holocaust Survivor

inSIGHT Through Education, Inc.

Holocaust museum student testimonials